MI VIDA Oswald Mosley (Spanish)

The autobiography of Sir Oswald Mosley
Oswald Mosley has been described as the greatest orator of the twentieth century. But his ability to express his ideas in a moving way were not confined to the spoken word. In this autobiography written towards the end of his life, Mosley demonstrates his considerable ability as a powerful writer as he describes his ideas and his life’s journey.

Jeffrey Hamm wa­s one of the handful of activists who kept the flame of British Nationalism alive in the barren years following the Second World War. A life-long supporter of Sir Oswald Mosley, he served in the original British Union of Fascists (BUF), and the post-war Union Movement (UM), later to become Oswald Mosley’s personal secretary and one of Union Movements leading figures.


Tomorrow We Live – British Union Policy
Full reprint of the 1938 book outlining British Union policy.
Conntents include : Foreword by Oswald Mosley, System Of Government – What Is Wrong, British Union System Of Government, Economic System – What Is Wrong ?, British Union Economic System, The People’s State – A Classless System, The Jewish Question, British Foreign Policy, British Union.

The Coming Corporate State – by A. Raven Thomson
In his most important book ‘The Coming Corporate State’ (1938), Raven Thomson sets out in clear and precise terms the economic infrastructure that would be put in place once power was given by the British people to British Union. Unlike National Socialist Germany which remained essentially capitalist, the British Socialism of British Union would transfer ownership of all industrial and commercial organisations above a certain size to one of eighteen Corporations covering every business activity.

The Holy Land
Arab or Jew –
Capt R. Gordon-Canning M.C.
Published in 1938 this book exposed the disproportionate influence of Zionism, and Jewish finance, on the British Government, British politicians, and the media over the question of Palestine. Capt Gordon-Canning, exposes the lies and propaganda used by Zionists in their efforts to seize a Palestinian homeland irrespective of the cost to the indigenous population.

Oswald Mosley – Earls Court speech (1939)
Full transcript of Oswald Mosley’s Earl’s Court speech to 30,000 members of British Union in 1939. The world’s largest indoor political meeting.

Full reprint of the 1936 B.U.F. publication in which Oswald Mosley answers 100 questions on British Fascism.

The Land & The People
British Union Farming Policy by Jorian Jenks.

Our Financial Masters
By A.Raven Thompson
Reprint of the British Union publication showing how Jewish financers had control of the money supply and thereby the British Government Economic Policy in the 1930’s.

Automation : Problem and Solution
Reprint of the article first published in The European in which Oswald Mosley outlines his economic alternative to International Capitalism and the “Free Market” economy.

The Greater Britain – Extracts
To launch the British Union of Fascists in 1932, Mosley published a book, The Greater Britain outlining his radical solutions to resolving the economic and political problems that were facing the British people during the “great depression”. This ebook is an extract from the original.

Government of Tomorrow : The Problem of Power
In 1955 Oswald Mosley published “Government of Tomorrow : the Problem of Power”. in which he outlines his ideas for a system of government which combined the power to act, that the modern age requires, with a meticulous regard for individual liberty. This ebook is a reprint of the booklet first published in The European.

European Socialism
In May 1956, in the German magazine Nation Europa, Oswald Mosley wrote an essay summarising the key points of his economic and political proposals for “European Socialism”. This ebook is a reprint of that essay.

The Defence Regulation 18b
British Union of Fascists Detainees List
( 2008 revised version)
Details of British Union members who were interrogated and imprisoned without charge or trial by the British Government under the notorious Regulation 18b during WW2. Many of these POW’s were detained in secret camps where even the Red Cross were denied access to them. This well researched document lists over 800 of some of the finest men and women Britain has ever produced.

It Might Have Happened to You
Reprint of the 1943 document published by Guy Aldred and John Wynn. Dedicated to all the victims of witch-hunts and mass hysteria, especially those who suffered from government servants “just carrying out orders from above”.

Ireland’s Right To Unite
Union Movement Policy Document.

Wagner and Shaw – Oswald Mosley

Strike Action, Political Action, or Power Action – WHICH?
Reprint of 1936 British Union of Fascists document on Trade Unionism.

Strike Action, Political Action, or Power Action – WHICH?
Reprint of 1936 British Union of Fascists document on Trade Unionism.



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